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Harnessing a Multigenerational Workforce

Lindsay Bocarrado

JOIN US!! May 16th @ The Owls Nest

Harnessing Talent in a Multi-Generational Workplace

The statistics about Millennials taking over the workforce in the next 10 years aren’t new.  You’ve probably been hearing about it for a while.  It’s all for good reason.  Engaging your multi-generational workforce is critical to the success of your business.

Using labor statistics, generational research and her experiences in working with Millennials over the past decade, Lindsay will give you a deep dive into her “Four Factors of Millennial Engagement” framework. She will share strategies you can implement immediately to get ahead of the shifting workforce, helping you to maximize the value of generational differences on your team.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • What happens to the growth of the organizations who don’t engage the Millennial generation
  • Why the divide exists between Millennials and other generations
  • What motivates employment decisions, regardless of age
  • What unique skills Millennials have to offer and how you can leverage them
  • How you can increase the positive impact of a multi-generational workforce in your business
  • What you can do to stay ahead of your peers in maximizing your Millennial talent

Lindsay Boccardo is a nationally-recognized millennial expert, working with young talent and the organizations that employ them. She has been providing education and training to organizations through one-to-one programs, group coaching and seminars for more than a decade.

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